Carolina Common Enterprise is North Carolina's cooperative development center. We provide business and organizational guidance, technical assistance, education and other support to cooperatives and to people who want to start a cooperative enterprise. Carolina Common Enterprise is committed to developing cooperative approaches to improve conditions in marginalized communities throughout our state.

Technical-Assistance-with-labelOngoing business education, technical assistance, organizational consulting, training, and support

Coop-Ed-labelDevelopment and dissemination of education materials, processes, and curricula to improve the effectiveness of governance of cooperative businesses and advance public understanding of the significance of cooperative enterprises

Finance-Cap-labelDevelopment and organizing sources of financial capital for rural and community-based enterprises


What is a Co-op?

Co-ops are collectively owned and operated enterprises that create economic opportunity and help people create personal assets that are anchored in the communities they serve. This model is applied in many different settings and businesses. A consumer cooperative, such as a natural foods grocery, is owned by the people who use the co-op for products. Another example is farmers organize agricultural producer cooperatives which collectively process and market crops and obtain better prices, sharing the cost of feed, seed and other materials where buying in quantity can achieve a cost savings. Worker cooperatives share ownership of the business by the people who work in it, who have democratic governance over its affairs.